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One for the Table
Yeah I guess it is true,
I never fell in love with you.
They tell you how it requires two,
I'm still left here wonder, where are you?
Were you to busy to tell me no?
Now it's a table for two and I'm all alone.
I felt something great when you would kiss me,
Look into your eyes and ask me, "what is it you see?"
It didn't take very long before you asked me the same question,
Only this time we didn't smile cause you were looking for a confession.
I said it, I made it real.
But now what do you feel?
They never asked for your order cause it says enough,
That I sat with my roses, all dressed up,
I spent my week wait on this day,
But don't worry, it's okay.
I got the receipt,
How sweet...
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You know, she never told me that she loved me, she only ever kissed me
I lied awake at night and would think about her and wonder
Because she would had never tell me.
She would never hold my hand, but she smiled and came to me
We would talk for hours about nothing, I guess that was the greatest joke
See she loved- but she never loved me.
I can never really see, I only know what I hear
And I heard the sound her heart made as I laid there
But I never heard her words.
At the time I felt hurt, I felt toyed with
I put my heart out there and it wasn't a gift to just anyone
But it sat and collected dust as I waited.
That hurt me but it wasn't till I realized
After I had stood back up, that she had never been very tall to start with
She might have been palm sized.
If you think about it, in the palm of just about anyones hands
A beautiful butterfly can still get damaged
See, she was afraid...
I had thrown myself at her relentlessly
And she didn't know how to safely progress
Because rarely does
:iconbllixy:bllixy 0 0
I see you smile and I get butterflies,
He told me he loved me but they now sound like lies.
I can't seem to stop thinking about you,
Why can't I move on?
I put you first before everyone,
No one is asking for this!
You kissed me that night,
And here I thought it would be alright...
Maybe I have fallen for you,
That is what he told me too.
Hold me when I needed you,
Text: Good Night.
I want entwined fingers,
"I'll see you tomorrow."
I need contact,
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Look, I will always be here for you,
I can do this myself.
"I love you."
"Best you don't"
Do you care at all?
I do.
Reach for kiss,
I can't do this!
Well, I guess I will be off,
I hope to see you soon.
It's been what 3 years?
He has tears?
She looks just like you,
Are you happy?
I had my hopes,
He looked in pain,
She moved on,
What could I say?
It is always harder when you are in pain
It is always harder when you are in love.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 1 0
Immortals Downed by a Mortal
One of many gifts the Night had to bestow,
Twin in hand and Misery atow,
If for one than I can two,
For Trouble is abound and mortals have not a few.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 0 0
Immortals Downed by a Mortal
We beutiful three tend the seed of Immortality,
Gifts of gold sweetly kept out of reach,
Hidden of under the eyes of Atlas,
Great water cousin encircled.
Goddess’s treasure we do grasp for ourselves,
Mortal gods would attempt to plunder such gift,
Ladon will set his sleepless eyes upon thee,
For none deserved Immortality but they that had such a gift.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 0 0
Aether and Hemera
Immortal Downed by a Mortal
Aether and Hemera
We the son and daughter of the infinite Darkness,
Beloved children of the beautiful Night.
A Son of greatness is not meant for mortal men,
Light shines and fills the Aer of the Heavens.
A Daughter as alluring as the Night,
At dawn the bronze gates of Tartarus open,
May Day soon arise to replace the Night.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 1 0
Immortal Downed by a Mortal
Tremble does the ground beneath my scales,
A sick flood, Fear, drown the mortal inhabitants,
Their lives forfeit to my might,
Their cities ablaze like the gaze I set upon them.
Each of my mighty serpent heads, a hundred blood stained dragons,
Wicked is the Viper of my lower body that coils around the throat of this country,
My arms reaching, I wait for the blood of gods,
Held below heaven with the strength of my wings.
I thirst still as I lay beneath this Mountain,
My children will not be stopped,
My Mother’s fury sets fire to my soul telling me,
“You will never be contained, You can not be stopped”,
For I am Typhon, Zeus’s downfall.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 1 0
Immortal Downed by a Mortal
In the beginning Darkness covered all,
My beauty echoed through its depths.
However, from my own the tide of light came,
Day was born under Heaven.
From my own I did create
Men's inevitabilities.
I shall guard them,
Cover them in raven feathers dark as Night.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 0 0
Immortals Downed by a Mortal
Let the universe be covered,
Let it be hidden and hide worse than I.
Let all the edges be lost,
Till Light pushes me back.
I linger on the edge of the light,
Hands bound with my beloved Night,
Home to a deep place below,
Trust that you will find me when too it is your time to go.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 2 0
Kiss Me
Kiss me once more
I need your touch upon me
Sending my senses through pleasurable chaos
Submit me to your will
My body will respond to yours
Emotions accelerated by your sweetness
:iconbllixy:bllixy 2 2
Just a look couldn't hurt
Through this hole in the wall,
No on knows, no one can see me
If I just stay quiet I can look in to see,
Maybe they sleep alone
Maybe they are always talking on the phone,
I told myself that I would stop
Said I wouldn't look
She looks, she peeks
I feel her gaze always watching me,
She knows I know
She wants to see everything about me
Now the hole has been formed in me
Into my life she can see
But where am I looking
What is it I see?
:iconbllixy:bllixy 0 0
First Day of May
Let leaves fall down below
Onto the reflected warm glow,
The tide that filled the air falls back
The water falls and the air come back,
Breath holds still on the day
On this, the first day of May
:iconbllixy:bllixy 0 0
Let it's heart beat faster
Let it race into a greater pace
Seeing what it wants, the mind knows no bounds
The body screams "help" and you fail to listen
In your stubborness,
Let the ice creep up upon you
Consuming your muscles
Encasing the limbs
You will plead with it
You might ask "why?"
The answer is known to you already...
The moment it sank it's teeth into your flesh
:iconbllixy:bllixy 1 1
Immortals Downed by a Mortal
Out of the depth of Chaos,
I arose,
A winged god.
Drown in the depth of my desire,
Take in all of my love,
To you all I give it.
Drown in the depth of my desire,
Let it be your own,
Know nothing else.
Take in all of my love,
And let it fight your desires,
Let it complete them.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 1 0
Immortals Downed by a Mortal
Let them scream for freedom,
Let them roar out in pain,
I will never let them free,
In my chains they stay.
Put down below the Earth I sit,
For Chaos as put me here,
To be an unending depth of torment,
To become a place of fear.
I do not wish to rise up,
I do not wish to leave,
I will stay here forever,
A dark abyss,
A dark torture cell,
A place of hell.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 4 2
Immortals Downed by a Mortal
Let the universe alone as it exist,
It need not be more than whatever that it is,
A great mess & mass of confusion and matter.
Let me bring forth for you,
A beginning for you my children to begin,
Let me give birth to you my creations out of nothing as I begin.
Earth to be a place for the future to be played upon,
Let her care for herself,
Let her care for I will not.
My son is my favorite put below the depths of the Earth,
He shall be strong, enough so to hold all his prisoners,
Their screams he shall house.
A boy for all that is real,
A boy for all that is dark,
Let him last.
She loves my son, the Darkness,
So let it be the Night,
For which the dark follows.
My last keeps it going,
My Love, my Passion,
Let them all drown in the creation of my Love.
:iconbllixy:bllixy 1 1


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I guess I am a pretty cool person, most ppl seem to like me. I going to see concerts with my friends(Warped Tour was amazing). I'm a gamer, not very good though lol. Send a note, comment, it's all good cause I'm likely to reply =]

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I just now beat Crisis Core. HOW DEPRESSING!!! But that is some good shit right there.

My friend asked me what kinda things effect me the most in anime, manga, etc. Well this game is full of it.

....Thats rather all I have to say. Thanks for reading =]

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